Non slam check valves

Non slam check valves

Non Slam Check Valves can also be referred to under a number of different guises. We have listed some of the alternative names below. These are the products that we at Europa Valve manufacture.

  • Non Slam Check Valve
  • Axial Check Valve
  • Axial Flow Check Valve
  • In Line Piston Check Valve
  • Nozzle Check Valve
  • Venturi Check Valve

Applications of Non Slam Check Valves.

The following lists some of the many typical applications were Non Slam Check Valves should be used:

  • Centrifugal Compressor Discharge
  • Reciprocation Compressor Discharge (Sizing is critical for this application)
  • Rapid Closure requirements
  • Low Pressure Drop Requirements
  • Salt Water Fire Safety Systems Due To Critically Of This Service
  • Desalination Reverse Osmosis Process
  • Critical Applications
  • Non Serviceable Locations *
  • High system deceleration applications
  • Elevate Valve Slamming applications
  • High Temperature critical applications
  • Cryogenic Application
  • Lethal Service **

* Typically Europa Centre Guided Non Slam Check Valves are designed for typical service life of 15 years plus, without any maintenance, depending on service conditions.

**The Europa Non Slam Check Valve Body is a one piece body and as such has no chance of fugitive emission through gland packing, bolting etc.


Applications were Non Slam Check Valves are not suitable.

  • Lines which require pigging as the Non Slam Check Valve is not a full bore piggable valve*.
  • Were immediate purchase cost is the most important factor over the actual lifetime cost of ownership. At Europa Valve, our Non Slam Check Valve is high quality, specifically made for unique locations and applications. Therefore it will not compete with low cost commodity products which are mass produced to low quality in low cost countries purely of price and not performance.

* A piggable valve is essentially a valve that allows a pipeline pig can pass through it. The valve has a bore the same size as the pipeline that it is attached to; there are no obstructions when fully opened. 





  • PEA-Certificate-Lloyds
  • ISO9001 and UKAS-Mark
  • European Regional Development Fund

Europa Valves Limited has received an Invest NI Grant for Research and Development, supporting company innovation in services, products and processes. Part financed by the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme for Northern Ireland 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. This project, Cryogenic Test Research and Development in Line with B56364, aims to design, manufacture and test new valve types which will meet the requirements of the B56364 Cryogenic Testing. As a result Europa Valves Limited hopes to add cutting edge new valve types into markets where there will be opportunities for growth.