Company History

The company was founded with the goal of manufacturing high quality high performance non slam non return valves to the oil and gas, desalination, water and other process industries with rapid delivery.

  • Early 2000s we achieved ISO 9001 certification
  • 2007 we identified the requirement for even faster delivery requirements from customers to facilitate this we made an extensive capital investment to build a foundry in a facility connected to our works.
  • 2009 we achieved the goal of being certified under the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).
  • In 2012 the company continues to strive forward in new markets and has been developing new products to be introduced after rigorous testing in the near future.
  • In 2015 we completed the construction of our in house Cryogenic valve testing facility.
  • In 2016 we completed testing of our Non Slam Axial Nozzle Check Valve to BS 6364 in our own Cryogenic testing facility.
  • The company continues to be a leading check valve manufacturer serving customers throughout the world with a range of high quality check valves.

Europa Valve continue to manufacture and supply high quality Non Slam Check Valves, Axial Check Valves, Nozzle Check Valves and and In Line Check Valves to the world’s oil, gas and desalination industries. 

Check Valve Manufacturer

UK Check Valve Manufacturer

Based in the UK, we manufacture high quality check valves to serve a wide range of industries throughout the world.

Design & manufacturing is done at our specialist plant in the UK, our range of Axial Check valves are then shipped to our worldwide customer base.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • UK Manufactured
  • Delivered Worldwide
  • High Quality Engineering
  • Suitable for Critical Applications
  • PED Certified when required
  • ATEX Certified when required
  • API 6FA Fire Safe when required
  • API 6A class valves

Where are Check Valves used?

A check valve is commonly used to prevent back-flow in applications where piping is used to move liquid or gas around a system. Think about water processing plants and the network of piping that exists in such an application – you will get a good idea of how and why they might be used. Other industries such as water processing, desalination plants, mining and natural gas would all use check valves in some capacity because of the nature of those environments.Axial Check Valve

Where are Non Slam Check Valves, Axial Check Valves, Nozzle Check Valves and In Line Check Valves used?

They can be used on all the applications as listed were check valves can be used
but the massive advantage that the Non Slam Check Valves, Axial Check Valves,
Nozzle Check Valves have are as listed below
– Extremely fast shutoff prior to reverse velocity occurring in pipeline
– Very low pressure drop
– Maintenance free typically 15 years plus without any maintenance required
– No External leak paths one piece casting/ forging
– No possibility of valve components migrating downstream and damaging equipment
– UK Manufactured quality

Where can Non Slam Check Valves, Axial Check Valves, Nozzle Check
Valves and In Line Check Valves not be used?

A pipeline inspection gauge, commonly referred to as a pig, is a device used to clean and inspect pipeline. The term originates from the initial pig devices, which were bundles of straw wrapped with wire or leather that were forced down the pipeline, resulting in a squealing sound. The term “pipeline inspection gauge” is a backronym and helps to accurately represent the increased capabilities of these devices.

The spherical or cylindrical devices manufactured today vary in construction material, size, color, and accessory components. Common to all pigs, however, is that they closely conform conform to the ID of the pipe. This allows the device to knock away any accumulated debris or material and to closely inspect for cracks or flaws in the pipe.

As Non Slam Check Valves, Axial Check Valves, Nozzle Check Valves and In Line Check Valves along with the majority of other check valves do not have a full bore construction they are not suitable for lines which should be pigged. The typical valve to be used for pigging service would a swing check valve but even when ordering this valve caution must be exerted to ensure that a full bore piggable valve is ordered as over 90% of standard swing check valves are not suitable for pigging either.