Axial Check Valve

The Axial Check Valve is primarily used for critical non-return applications where protection of equipment is essential to counter low-pressure loss and rapid closure environments.

Axial Check Valves ready for Shipping

The Europa Axial Check Valve is designed for low-pressure drop and offers a lower cost than a Swing Check Valve.

Customers use the Europa Axial Check Valve to protect pumps and compressors from damage caused by back-flow.

What is Axial Flow?

Axial flow is the type whereby fluid or gas flow in parallel to the axis. In the context of an Axial-flow pump, flow is generated by a propeller (an axial impeller). The fluid or gas flowing through the pump, will not change radial location, since the entry and exit from the pump are quite small. It contrasts with Radial Flow whereby the fluid or gas flows along the radius of rotation.

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Axial Check Valve Benefits

  • Protect pumps and compressor equipment from damage caused by backflow / reverse flow
  • The streamlined flow path through the valve body avoids turbulence and prevents erosion and vibration. Reduce downtime, maintenance costs and loss of production due
  • The venturi-shaped body allows for high-pressure recovery resulting in reduced pressure loss – the reduced operating cost of equipment will increase energy saving
  • Very effective in preventing water hammer
  • Eliminate chatter and reduce the possibility of sudden valve failure
  • Smaller footprint than conventional check valves
  • Flexibility to cope with variable flow conditions
  • Interchangeability with most conventional swing check valves without expensive piping modification

Manufacturing of Axial Check Valves

Axial check valves are manufactured by Europa Valve here in our purpose-built valve manufacturing facility based in the UK. We manufacture Axial Check Valves that range from 2″ (50mm) up to 82″ (2235.2 mm) in size. With in-house control of design, machining, assembly and testing, we can produce axial check valves for highly bespoke, critical applications to specific customer requirements.


Our Axial Check Valves suit a wide range of applications and temperatures ranging from full cryogenic -196ºC up to valve operating over 500ºC in a vast range of services. For instance, Natural Gas, LNG, Steam, Water, Sea Water, Desalination, Oil, Petro Chemical, Hydrogen, Solar and many other process applications. In conclusion, as all Europa Axial Check Valves are engineered in-house in the United Kingdom, this allows for greater flexibility of special applications and configuration of valves we can offer.