Non-Slam Check Valves for Natural Gas in the Middle East

Europa Valve has recently completed an order of 6x 30” Class 600 Non-Slam Check Valves for a customer in the Middle East.

Installation Location:Middle East
Description:30” 600 RF Non-Slam Check Valve
Service:Natural Gas transmission

These valves have a duplex trim. The complete manufacturing of these valves, including a specialised quad coat painting system, was carried out in-house to meet the customer delivery and quality requirements.

The sizing of Non-Slam Check valves is critical to their performance and operation. We size all valves for their specific installation location and parameters.

Non-Slam Check valves ready for shipping to the Middle East.
30” 600 RF Non-Slam Check Valves ready for shipping

Non-Slam Axial Flow Check Valves like these go through design and manufacture here in the UK. After production, they are then shipped to the Middle East, where their service application is a Natural Gas transmission service. Another successful project by Europa Valve, we look forward to additional projects with this valued customer.

We are a long-established manufacturer of Non-slam check valves. Our check valve products will protect critical applications primarily in the oil and gas industry. In addition, we also supply non-slam check valves for renewable applications such as Hydrogen and Solar applications, water including desalination and many other process applications. Our range of valves includes:

  • Non-Slam Check Valves
  • Axial Flow Check Valves
  • Axial Check Valves
  • Nozzle Check Valves
  • Venturi Check Valve
  • Inline Piston Check Valves