36″ 600 RF Non Slam Check Valve

This 36” 600 Class Non Slam Check Valve was required by one of our long-standing customers in North America. This was order was a replacement for a competitor valve which had failed in service.

Installation Location: North America
Description: 36″ 600 RF Non Slam Check Valve
Service: Natural Gas transmission

To add to the challenge, the valve was to replace had a non-standard end to end length but with Europa Valve Ltd having the design, machining, assembly and test all in house in our own facility here in the UK.

Non-slam check valves for natural gas transmission
Non-Slam Check Valve for Gas in production

The team here at Europa Valve certainly had to raise our game to meet this challenge and meet it we did! We were able to carry out the entire production & delivery within 18 weeks from receipt of order. The valve was delivered 2 weeks ahead of the originally quoted 20 week schedule.

This project demonstrated our strong reputation for fast turnaround and rapid delivery of high quality custom specification check valves. Our many happy customers, from across the continents, would surely agree.

Our skilled team will always under-promise and over-achieve to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with our customers. As with this example, we are very proud to demonstrate our dedication and quality workmanship to our customers .

We always go the extra mile for our customers, old and new, and are proud to be able to support them on all their critical projects.

If you require any further information or have a similar application and require further technical information, please do not hesitate to contact our check valve engineering department here in the United Kingdom.

66” Europa Valve Non Slam Check Valves

An order for 5x of our 66” Europa Valve Non Slam Check Valves which have just been dispatched and are currently on the ocean, enroute to a customer in Mexico for use in a Nitrogen Processing Facility.

These non-slam check valves will be used in a salt water service application. The client, a nitrogen processing facility in Mexico South America, required a quality check valve that is designed for a long service life without maintenance.

We design, manufacture and ship check valves for a wide range of custom applications such as this.

It should be noted that the Non Slam Check Valve can also be described in a number of other terms as listed below;

  • Axial Check Valve
  • Axial Flow Check Valve
  • In Line Piston Check Valve
  • Nozzle Check Valve
  • Venturi Check Valve

66 Inch Class 125 Valves 5 Off Picture 4
66 Inch Class 125 Valves 5 Off Picture 4

If you have any requirements for these types of check valves or require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact our engineering or sales departments.

66” Non Slam Check Valve for Sea Water

Another 66” Non Slam Check Valve in production at our UK based check valve manufacturing facility.

This check valve has been design and manufactured for use in a sea water processing application. In such application, the non-slam sea water check valve will be fitted with Ebonite rubber lining – this procedure is also conducted by Europa Valve.

The carbon steel valve body with ebonite rubber lining is the most cost effective way to produce large diameter Non Slam Check Valves for salt water service.

Please consult engineering department if you require any additional information.

66” Non Slam Check Valves

Please see a small video showing some of Europa Valve LTD 66” Non Slam Check Valves going through machining process. These check valves are over 2 metres in diameter and 7 tonnes in weight.

The video shows one of 5 valves that we manufacturered on this contract.

The valves were cast, machined and will be finished right here in the United Kingdom.

If you wish any further information regarding Europa Valve LTD our capabilities please do not hesitate to contact are technical sales department.

10” and 12” Nozzle Check Valves

Here we have some Non Slam Check Valves which are just finishing manufacture and currently just completing coating.

These 10” and 12” Nozzle Check Valves have been designed and manufactured in the UK by Europa Valve and will soon be shipped to the Philippines for use in a gold mine.

The client has specified these check valves due to their extremely rapid response on a high critical application.

If you require any further information or have a similar application and require further technical information, please do not hesitate to contact our check valve engineering department here in the United Kingdom.

Non Slam Check Valve Machining

Non slam check valves going through machining in our UK based valve manufacturing facility.

These are 16” and 20” class 600 and 900 check valves in ASTM A216 WCB (Carbon Steel).

You will also see a very short video showing valves flange holes being drilled on a 5 axis CNC Horizontal Machining Centre which ensures unparalleled precision and quality.

All our design, machining, assembly and testing are carried out right here in our facility in the UK ensuring ultimate quality.

If you wish to visit our facility please contact our sales department and they will be happy to arrange a visit.

Axial Non Slam Check Valves

Another selection of Europa non-slam check valves which were shipped last week. These check valves were designed and manufactured by Europa Valve, for a Natural Gas Compressor station in North America.

In such projects, it is typically specified that there will be 30” Class 600 Non Slam Check Valves on discharge of compressor and then smaller 12” or 16” check valves used on recycle loop to allow soft start-up of compressor.

The Axial Non Slam Check Valve is the optimum check valve for this critical application as its gives the extremely fast shut off required to protect compressor. This combined with the aerodynamic design to allow for very low pressure drops.

Europa Valve are a UK based check valve manufacturer. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact our engineering department and manufacturing location both in the United Kingdom.


UK Designed

UK Manufactured

UK Material

16” & 20” class 600 & 900 Non Slam Axial Nozzle Check Valves

Non Slam Axial Nozzle Check Valves designed and manufactured to specification by Europa Valve for a customer in the United States; Natural Gas Transmission, a company operating within the North American oil and gas industry.

During production, pup pipe pieces* were fitted to the check valves. This is a great way to allow rapid and higher quality welds. The result is a straightforward pipe-to-pipe weld on the same wall thickness, rather than trying to transition from the heavy wall valve body to a thin wall pipe and avoids all the associated heat treatment requirements in such a process.

Shown here are 16” and 20”, class 600 and 900, Non Slam Axial Nozzle Check Valves.

If you require any further information regarding this type of valve manufacture, please feel free to contact our technical department and we will be happy to assist.

*A pup is a short length of pipe that connects two piping components.

42” Class 600 Weld End Non Slam Check Valve

Another 42” Class 600 Weld End Non Slam Check Valve by Europa Valve. Here we see the Check Valve, skidded and loaded, ready for shipping to a customer in North America.

The check valve will be placed at the discharge section of a centrifugal compressor to eliminate backflow through the compressor. Should backflow occur, the compressor can experience damaging reverse rotation. Therefore, this is a very critical application and represents a typical installation location and requirement for Europa Non Slam Check Valves.

The presence of a discharge check valve also provides the benefit of isolating each of the antisurge recycle loops.

This non-slam check valve will go into service for more than 20 years without the need for maintenance or servicing whatsoever.


Aluminium Bronze 20” valves

Some Aluminium Bronze 20” valves dispatching for an FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) owned by MODEC and under service with Petrobras.

These Europa Non Slam Axial Check Valves are being used in a critical application for fire water safety system. The Non Slam Check Valve is the ideal solution when long service life and total reliability are required.