Axial Non-Slam Check Valves for an offshore gas project in Malaysia

Customer:Petronas Carigali
Project:Kasawari Gas Development Project
Installation Location:Off Shore Malaysia
Description:16” 900 RF Non-Slam Check Valves
Service:Process Gas

We were again pleased to work on another project for Petronas Carigali, where we have manufactured Axial Non-Slam Check Valves for an offshore gas project in Malaysia. Another example of our long-standing relationship with Petronas as we have been supplying them with Axial Non-Slam Check Valves for over 15 years.

At Europa Valve, we value these relationships as they bring experience, quality, efficiency, and reliability to both parties. We have the capability and resources to support our client requirements in the long term, well into the future. We do not see ourselves as being there for one project – we look forward to supporting you across the coming decades.

We have long since specialised in the Manufacture of Axial Nozzle Non-Slam Check Valves. The valves we produce have been proven effective in service to a global client base for many years. This is a question any customer should ask of any supplier; how many years have they been manufacturing these specialised valves. Nothing beats in-field experience and proven longevity – Europa Valve is a testament to this.

We carry out all design, machining, assembly and testing right here in our facility in the United Kingdom. The video below shows the raw UK casting going through primary machining on one of our CNC Vertical Borers.

Manufacture of Non-Slam Axial Check Valves in the UK

Below you will see some additional photos of the valve during production and the final product ready for shipping.

Axial Nozzle Non-Slam Check Valves
Axial Nozzle Non-Slam Check Valves in production

We produce valves from 2” to 84” in size. They can be manufactured with a range of materials from carbon steel through to stainless steel, superalloys and also Aluminium Bronze.

Axial Nozzle Non-Slam Check Valves ready for shipping
Axial Nozzle Non-Slam Check Valves ready for shipping

If your project requires Axial Nozzle Non-Slam Check Valves, please get in touch and our team will be more than happy to assist.

We are a long-established manufacturer of Non-slam check valves. Our check valve products will protect critical applications primarily in the oil and gas industry. In addition, we also supply non-slam check valves for renewable applications such as Hydrogen and Solar applications, water including desalination and many other process applications. Our range of valves includes:

  • Non-Slam Check Valves
  • Axial Flow Check Valves
  • Axial Check Valves
  • Nozzle Check Valves
  • Venturi Check Valve
  • Inline Piston Check Valves

42” Class 600 Weld End Non Slam Check Valve

Another 42” Class 600 Weld End Non Slam Check Valve by Europa Valve. Here we see the Check Valve, skidded and loaded, ready for shipping to a customer in North America.

The check valve will be placed at the discharge section of a centrifugal compressor to eliminate backflow through the compressor. Should backflow occur, the compressor can experience damaging reverse rotation. Therefore, this is a very critical application and represents a typical installation location and requirement for Europa Non Slam Check Valves.

The presence of a discharge check valve also provides the benefit of isolating each of the antisurge recycle loops.

This non-slam check valve will go into service for more than 20 years without the need for maintenance or servicing whatsoever.