Non Slam Axial Check Valve Process Cooling Application Using Salt Water In Mexico

Installation Location:Mexico
Description:66” 150 RF Non Slam Check Valve
Service:Critical Sea Water Cooling Process

So there are large non-slam check valves, and then there are massive non-slam check valves! These impressive works are 66″ Non-Slam Axial Check Valves, manufactured by Europa Valve at our purpose-built valve manufacturing facility here in the UK. Maybe not the largest valves we have manufactured, we can produce up to 84″ Non-Slam Axial Check Valves if required.

66 Inch Class 125 Non Slam Check Valves
66 Inch Class 125 Non Slam Axial Flow Check Valves

This was a bespoke manufacturing project for Linde, a leading industrial gas and engineering company. These check valves were designed and manufactured to the specific client requirements. The valves were then installed onto a critical saltwater cooling process line in Mexico. Given the challenging service environment, the valves were manufactured with corrosion-resistant alloys trim and lined valve bodies.

We were honoured to be involved in this project, proving yet again that Europa Valve are an effective supply chain partner for large-scale industrial projects across the world.

We carry out all design, machining, assembly and testing right here in our facility in the United Kingdom. This allows us to manufacture a bespoke product as required.

Axial Nozzle Non-Slam Check Valves
Axial Nozzle Non-Slam Check Valves

If your project requires Axial Nozzle Non-Slam Check Valves or you require any additional information, please get in touch, our sales or technical teams will be more than happy to assist.

We are a long-established manufacturer of Non-slam check valves. Our check valve products will protect critical applications primarily in the oil and gas industry. In addition, we also supply non-slam check valves for renewable applications such as Hydrogen and Solar applications, water including desalination and many other process applications. Our range of valves includes:

  • Non-Slam Check Valves
  • Axial Flow Check Valves
  • Axial Check Valves
  • Nozzle Check Valves
  • Venturi Check Valve
  • Inline Piston Check Valves

66” Non Slam Check Valve for Sea Water

Another 66” Non Slam Check Valve in production at our UK based check valve manufacturing facility.

This check valve has been design and manufactured for use in a sea water processing application. In such application, the non-slam sea water check valve will be fitted with Ebonite rubber lining – this procedure is also conducted by Europa Valve.

The carbon steel valve body with ebonite rubber lining is the most cost effective way to produce large diameter Non Slam Check Valves for salt water service.

Please consult engineering department if you require any additional information.